Writers must know this: 3 magical Hormones


Do you know what engenders huge success for Writers, Books or a Story?

The main reason for Writers, Books, Stories to be successful is its ability of how deep it can make an impact on someone’s Emotions.

If a Writer is able to increase the emotional level of an individual, The individual becomes more engaged and that is what every writer wants,

To touch someone emotionally. Let it be any kind of emotion but at a really deep level.

Let’s find out what is the reason behind these changes in Emotional level.





Magical Hormones:

#1- Dopamine: C8H11NO2



Dopamine is an extremely popular neurotransmitter.

Dopamine is associated with learning, addiction, infidelity, motivation, and attention.

Whenever you tell a story based on any of the above-listed emotions you engenders Dopamine level to increase.

The better you tell the story, the more Dopamine level there will be, and this will engender the reader to be more engaged, that is what every storyteller wants.


#2- Oxytocin: C43H66N12O12S2





Oxytocin is popular by the name “Love hormone”.

Oxytocin is associated with Empathy, Trust, Relationship-building and Sexual activity.

Oxytocin is also involved in Childbirth and Breastfeeding.

Whenever you write love stories and Romance, you actually cause an increase in your reader’s Oxytocin level.




#3- Endorphin: C158H251N39O46S



Endorphin is also known as “Feel-good” chemical.

Endorphin works as Happiness Booster and Pain reliever.

The “runner’s high” that is the feeling after lengthy, vigorous exercise is felt because of an increase in endorphin levels.

Endorphin produces the feeling of Euphoria.

Whenever your stories engender a feeling of Relaxation, happiness, and excitement in readers that is because of an increased level of Endorphins in their body.


Finally, it depends on your story, if you’ll be able to increase more of these hormones in the reader’s body, they’ll find your stories more compelling and you’ll be a more successful Storyteller.




Author- Ravikant Sharma




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