Quotes for the Month of September



I define Quotes as “A set of powerful words with more powerful meaning that can change Anyone’s mindset.” Ravikant Sharma




And a Quote can also be understood as When a famous Personality says something Meaningful that becomes a Quote.

Whenever we need instant Motivation, we read or write a quote, whenever we feel lonely, whenever in Love, or any other feeling we mostly read quote.

You can also send me your original Quotes and we will publish them in our Monthly quote article, just send me a mail to “ravikant20041995@gmail.com” with the subject “My original Quote”.


From now we will publish at the end of every Month.

Let’s have a look at our monthly Quotes for September.


1. Quote1

“Sometimes The Loudest Scream is all it takes to create a perfect silence.” -Ravikant Sharma


2. Quote2

“I am a Dream which disappears when you wake up, I will disappear but after waking you up.” -Ravikant Sharma




“I must be the only one there, or must not be there at all, the choice is yours, but the decision is mine.” -Ravikant Sharma



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